The AI Evolution of HubSpot Services

We have an exciting announcement, keep reading for details!


Today we are announcing a new team member. His name is Bond… AgentBond! Bond is our new AI employee. You can meet him below!


AgentBond is already being used internally with our clients. How would you like to try it? We're offering $6000 in FREE HubSpot Services to our next 30 Beta Testers.

Custom Attribution EXPRESS Setup ($3000 $0)

AgentBond will guide you through Custom Attribution setup in HubSpot. This project typically costs $3000 and takes 3-4 weeks to implement. With AgentBond, it will be done for FREE and in less than 60 minutes!

See in your own business terms

  • How are contacts entering our HubSpot?

  • What is causing those contacts to convert (Ex: Booking a Meeting)?

  • Which of your channels are creating the most pipeline?

  • Which of those channels convert to the most Closed Won Revenue?

Custom Attribution Setup Includes following:

  • Creation of 25+ HubSpot Resources (Workflows, Properties, Lists, Reports)

  • 1 - 60 Minute Meeting with Senior HubSpot Architect & AgentBond (focused on Custom Attribution scoping)

  • AI Powered Data Migration + Mapping

  • 1 - 30 Minute Review Session


  • Early Access & Discount to AgentBond public release ($3000 Value)

  • 1- 60 Minute Meeting with Senior HubSpot Consultant, focused on topic of your choice ($250 Value)

ALL of this is available FREE of charge as long as you meet the following qualifications:

B2B Business

Currently using HubSpot for both Sales and Marketing

Have at least 1 Professional HubSpot tier

In exchange all we are asking is that you provide us with feedback on the process!

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to setup Custom Attribution in HubSpot with the help of AgentBond.

Book your 60-minute setup here

Meet Grayson (a Human HubSpot Expert)

See what exactly the finished product will look like in HubSpot.

Any questions? Ask Bond now!